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Playing with my photos from Ireland — snipping bits of

by now you must know i’m crazy about rocks and ruins…

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I’m wandering these days. Until I return please find me here occasionally.

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Blue Moon

12/30/09 Evening journal entry: Blue moon. Low tide. I can tell by the rotten egg smell. Cold clear sunset of winter blues streaking across the ocean’s horizon. I am time traveling again amidst the magic of twinkling lights along the Old King’s Highway.

We’re on our way to sup at the Beehive Tavern. Inside, the wooden booths with high wing backed benches, portraits of early settlers and dim lights propel me further back in time. I haven’t traveled this way in years. It’s good to go back, and I can’t wait to go again.

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Off to the Pioneer Valley to get my elf today — for the semester break. The above photo was four years ago when she was 16. Her canine compatriot will be 16 in less than a month. Been out straight lately with my rehab hospital job and catching up on my off days. Not complaining though. I had no income for about 6 weeks and the hours I’ve been getting are so welcome.

Keeping Up

Lately, I’ve been busy and lazy — and just not in the mood to focus on writing blogs (don’t mind reading them though). Think it’s also because I’ve been hunkering down at home lately as it gets a wee bit colder, so don’t have many adventures to share other than my crazy dreams. Had another one last night — I was working in a restaurant with Dr. Fleischman from Northern Exposure — he was a dishwasher. Probably related to one of the episodes I watched last night when he joined the volunteer fire department — that’s the only thing I can think of — so dish washing hose, firefighting hose? He didn’t seem too bent out of shape to be washing dishes — amazing for his character.

I did venture out to Providence on Saturday, a majorly skanky day — cold rain, raw, possibility of snow. Met my girlfriend at the Foundry Show which was smaller than we expected but still good. From there we went to the Providence Winter Market which I cannot speak highly enough of — got a huge bag of organic oats from Maine (love my “rolled oats” for breakfast as my Irish gran used to call them), some Jacob’s cattle beans and all kinds of yummy veggies. Had read about a beet and endive salad on a blog Friday — sounded so good, I found the ingredients in Providence. Afterwards it was on to the delightful Olga’s Cup and Saucer, a place I’ve always loved. About 7 or 8 years ago, after dropping my girl and her friend off at TF Green airport to catch their flight to Florida (which they promptly missed because Mom did not plan for post-9/11 security delays), I had my meltdown at Olga’s as I talked to a flight attendant trying to get them on the next plane (Success! Go Southwest — you are the best!).

Olga Bravo is an artisan baker and RISD grad — there’s all kinds of cool metal work there — racks, seating and what not — and back then, before the addition, it had an industrial feel inside (it may have been an old gas station down there in Providence’s Jewelry District). It was Valentine’s season and Olga had all these cool paper hearts hanging from the pipes. Her place can always restore this weary traveling mama’s soul. I mean how can you go wrong with art, tea and scrumptious cookies?


I am a wanderer, a traveler, a gypsy, I love going places. My dad was in the Marines when I was growing up so I moved a lot up until the end of high school.

Southwest is running this spectacular sale through today. I’ve had a longing to revisit San Diego County where we lived my first two years of high school — I can only imagine how much it’s changed — Fallbrook, Vista, San Luis Rey, Oceanside, Julian, Escondido, Carlsbad, all those towns I remember — but Marty’s never flown and I feel guilty taking another trip without him. So, I’m thinking if we take advantage of this sale, either North Carolina (where I also lived), or Tennessee (never been there). I have a credit I have to use by January and these crazy offers Southwest has from time to time are just too tempting to my gypsy soul.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I was in Cork City six years ago wearing my fresh shamrocks and celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with my family there. I’ll have to add a video of the 2009 parade when there’s one available. Until then I do wish I wasn’t so allergic to cats as this is a rather sweet way to say Happy St. Patrick’s Day! And while I know there are cat people who would disagree with me, I do believe (as other cat people have said about their own cats) there are some cats who think they are really a dog. Here’s one of ’em.