Books, Movies and the Characters

A favorite movie was Harold and Maude (seen it about three times), above info courtesy of Black Dog Finds. I’m on a quest. haven’t figured out what it is yet, but I do know I’m on a quest.

Thelma and Louise

I’m off to the library soon before they close for the holiday. Thelma and Louise have been beckoning to me for quite some time. I need an adventure like theirs minus the problems with the law. I think while I’m at it, it’s also time to pick up Home for the Holidays for my annual viewing.

‘Til Tuesday

Today ended up being a good day after all — yesterday was not — it was just one of those days I was feeling stuck and discouraged. I think talking to my sis-in-law this morning helped a lot. Stay tuned for her blog. She’s a professional organizer but with a twist.

And my sister dropped by some surprise peanut butter cookies along with tonight’s supper. I did some grunt work I needed to get done and here I am, Tuesday afternoon, back from a walk downtown, ready to start fresh tomorrow, and looking forward to tonight’s movie, the original Ladykillers, with Alec Guiness and Peter Sellers. I fell asleep last night!

But before I sign off for today, head on over to Stef’s blog for her giveaway. I love her work and am looking forward to buying some of her photos someday — I saw them at Squam on the blocks she mounts them on and they are awesome!

**image from Movie Diva