Writing Practice

So much for commitment. My laptop crashed last week and until Marty has time to reload the software I am stuck on the “upstairs” computer. I hadn’t used the laptop for almost two years, partly because I was hooked on reading blogs. But then in January I started another etsy shop so figured, what the heck do a blog, too.

My problem is that I love names and I can never decide on a name. I didn’t name my daughter for a few days after her birth much to the displeasure of her 5 year old brother, Anthony, who thought Mary Anthony would be a lovely name for the little sister he was hoping for the day before he witnessed her birth.

He would answer the question “what’s her name?” with a disgruntled “she doesn’t got a name.” I so love that boy. He is an amazing musician and person. When I read Amanda’s blog about her boys all I can think of is Anthony’s childhood and how much like them he was. Role play and “cross dressing” (Mr. Dress-up, Fred Penner’s Place, Canadian children’s shows, and Mr. Rogers were favorites of his), creating Tiger Force helicopters out of cardboard boxes, oblong plastic tomato boxes, tape and paper. Which is why I avoid her blog a lot these days. It’s bittersweet to relive my past through someone else’s life. It distracts me from moving on with where I am now.

So what does this all have to do with writing practice? I’m not sure — that was just my starting point for the post which has kind of gotten away from me as I didn’t plan to write this much. Only that until the laptop’s fixed, I won’t be keeping up much with this blog. I am going to try to get some more goodies in my Etsy shop though — some crafty ephemera packs.

After spending a good part of the morning on the pictures for this post, tomorrow will be the etsy day. In the meantime, here’s shots of my sweet boy (today’s his half birthday, does anyone else celebrate half birthdays?).

In the first he’s Elvis “Grisley” singing in front of Mom and his newborn no-name sister,

the second he’s all set for his KISS reunion concert when he was about 17, and the last is from a couple of weeks ago playing at Harry’s, a local blues bar.

P.S. Is there a trick to editing pictures so they’ll be bigger, besides clicking on them?

Turn up the Volume

So, yay, I can finally turn the speaker on by myself and I actually figured out (on my own!) how to listen to the interview with Andrea over at Jamie Ridler’s site. I think I’ll listen to one every morning til I’ve caught up with them all. People’s voices sound tinier when I listen to them than when I read their words — interesting. But I’m feeling good about this blogging thing now and I think the Andrea interview helped — my creative space — just show up for 15 minutes in the morning with my tea and I will write something, even if it is only another writer’s quote such as this one by Oscar Wilde (a favorite of mine, with his impish Irish wit) — it’s from a book by Jack Gantos called Hole in my Life.

“It is not what one does that is wrong, but what one becomes as a consequence of it.”

Now I’m off to work with the wild, the beautiful and the damned. And one of these days I’m gonna add pictures. Have a glorious Wednesday, World.