Monday’s Child

I was born on a Monday and I always love it when my birthday falls on a Monday. Just finished the cake with my sweetie, my dad and my daughter here. My mom’s down the street, probably enjoying the cake I sent home to her with my dad. 9:09PM another year turns for me. I love that my birthday month is the same month as the Jewish New Year. There’s lots of love going around on a birthday if we are fortunate. I am.

The Maserati

“Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven, and the Maserati will get here when it’s supposed to.”
-Marianne Williamson

Now what are the odds of this? Marianne Williamson is one of my favorite speakers, and I copied this quote of hers from Simple Abundance yesterday. I went to a morning sewing class afterward and it was so good, I decided to stay for the afternoon class, too. 10a to 130p turned into 10a to 5p. After class, I called up my friend Louise to see if it was okay to stop over to pick up the Italian cookie recipes she had for me (she and the recipes are straight from the Old North End). I pull into the space next to hers because someone else parked in hers. And what was parked there? A Maserati! Her friend Sylvia was visiting too. Who woulda thunk? So, dang girl, I am gonna seek that kingdom of heaven cuz now I know that Maserati’ll get here when it’s supposed to. Even if it is someone else’s.

Synchronicity I tell you, synchronicity. All in the timing. And man, as a human being it is so hard to not at least try to control time. Butcha can’t. Ya gotta let go of it and ride with it. Like a Maserati.

** photo from maserati website

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