French Postcards

Only contact me if you believe you meet the criteria below.  I will respond to an email IF you meet the criteria. Otherwise, I will not respond.

The French Postcards are my quest to learn to appreciate all of me now, before it’s too late. They’re about self-exploration and self-acceptance. Pushing my edges sometimes. With each release I always gulp and think “what the hell am I doing??!!” I see them as an act of rebellion, resistance to being told who I should be, what I should do, how I should look, what is acceptable and respectable and worthy and so on. It’s how I resist the oppression and the repression of the world I live in, especially the local community, and sometimes family. There are times in my life when my spark goes out, and there are places where it dims. My light dims here pretty quickly. I moved back here for family reasons, and continue to stay for family reasons. Having patrons who support my avocation helps me pay for the frequent getaways I need to rekindle that spark before the embers die out.

  Criteria for purchasing French Postcards Series (uncensored, art/nude, nude in nature, lingerie/nude, erotic/nude) images:

1. You must be 18 years old or older

2. You must be an Instagram or Twitter follower in good standing, meaning you are not restricted and routinely make appropriate comments.

3. You must have been a follower for at least six months.

4. You must have a public Instagram account and a Profile photo.

5. Contact me via a message to this site, or at Express your interest and submit your IG account name. I will get back to you after verification, and send you a PayPal invoice ($25.00 US) if you qualify. Once paid, the photos will be sent via email.

I am being very selective about who I share my more intimate photos with. I look forward to sharing with those gentlemanly-types who have always been respectful of my perfectly imperfect self. This is not a sex site. I am not your mommy, auntie, granny; and I detest sexual slang. However, I appreciate intelligent, fun, flirtatious repartee. I am not doing this to “make money,” but to support my artistic endeavors, including attire, props and time. In turn, I am happy to engage in correspondence with my patrons via my email at or through an occasional direct message on my Instagram. I prefer the email because I find direct messaging rather overwhelming, so if it’s conversation you’re looking for you’re more apt to get it through my email. This is strictly for my consistent, regular patrons. Thank you.