The Dishabille Dossier

Update: 2007, Volumes 1-6 are now available. See below.

Where my archives and chronicles reside. These are photos and outtakes from my early photo shoots beginning with the year 2006. Their availability to purchase will be ongoing at any time once they are posted here; the cost will be the same as for the French Postcards — $25. per each volume.
There will be at least two volumes from each year, with some years having many more. You must be vetted first prior to purchasing. You also must be a regular purchaser of the French Postcards series.  The requirements for approval are posted on the French postcards page and I can be contacted for further inquiry (if you believe you may qualify) at:

Back in the early 2000’s, we had a side gig selling vintage clothing online. We tried to use real models as much as possible, myself included. (I was the reluctant one but I won’t get into that now.) At any rate, Marty expressed a desire to do more nude photography and as our models were fine with that direction, I (again reluctantly) stepped up to the plate. Considering how I sometimes feel about myself — body image and other insecurities — looking back at those earlier photos now, I am so glad to have them. There are literally thousands beginning in 2006, and it’s fun (and eye-opening for me) when I can see how it all began and reflect on who I was then, who I am now, what I wish I recognized then and so on. I love following the process, and while we haven’t had the website for years, I’ve still continued to model (still reluctantly, if a bit less so), as have others for Marty, and Dame Dishabille is where that path has brought me. I love History, I love seeing patterns and stories everywhere, I am fascinated with how time expands and contracts. I love seeing where something began and trying to figure out where it might be going.
If you’d like to see where I started on this journey, I will be releasing archival photo sets beginning with 2006. These will be periodic releases, but unlike the French Postcards series, the archival releases won’t be limited runs but available for purchase anytime (provided you have been vetted, of course). I cracked up when I saw the first of the 2006 release, mainly because Dang! Wow! If that’s where I’ve been, I think I’m looking forward to the rest of this ride. As ever, thank you all for your continued support.
Please note: While all each volume contains some nudity, not all pictures are nudes.
2006 Volume 1 (8 photos)
2006 Volume 2 (8 photos)
2007 Volume 1 (10 photos)
2007 Volume 2 (10 photos)
2007 Volume 3 (10 photos)
2007 Volume 4 (10 photos)
2007 Volume 5 (10 photos)
2007 Volume 6 (10 photos)
2008 Volume 1 (16 photos)
2008 Volume 2 (16 photos)
2008 Volume 3 (16 photos)
2008 Volume 4 (16 photos)
2008 Volume 5 (16 photos)