After Hours Erotica

Series 30 (September 2023) will be available on Thursday, September 28th.

Only contact me if you believe you meet the criteria below.  I will respond to an email IF you meet the criteria. Otherwise, I will not respond.

Basic Criteria for Patrons and Benefactors who wish to partake further in After Hours Erotica  (uncensored, art/nude, nude in nature, lingerie/nude, erotic/nude) images:

1. You must be 18 years old or older

2. You must be an Instagram follower in good standing, meaning you are not restricted and routinely make appropriate comments.

3. You must have been a follower for at least six months.

4. You must have a public Instagram account and a Profile photo.

5. Contact me via a message to this site, or at Express your interest and submit your IG account name. I will get back to you after verification, and send you a PayPal invoice ($25.00 US) if you qualify. Once paid, the photos will be sent via email.

I am highly selective about who I share my more intimate photos with. I look forward to sharing with those gentlemanly-types who know how to respect a woman. Period. If you don’t, more’s the pity and woe is you. Don’t bother even inquiring after me because if I get even a whiff of debauchery I disapprove of, you’re a goner.

Further Information:

After Hours Erotica, formerly called French Postcards, is an evolving experiment in incandescent living and extra-celestial adventures and musings. The future of my work may include more “Bespoke” packages that you (the patron) and I (your cerebral courtesan) design together. Regular patrons already enjoy sharing sexual fantasies with me (a couple of you are fabulously vivid, seductive writers).
I haven’t quite figured out what bespoke will look like — perhaps a photo shoot you participate in with me at a specific location, who knows? I certainly don’t, but as a former shy, quiet Catholic schoolgirl, well-versed in the lore of saints and sinners, fully immersed in the highly sensuous world of repressed sexuality that is the core of Catholicism, I’m inclined to want to find out.

This is not a sex site. I am not your mommy, auntie, granny; and I detest sexual slang (well, sort of. Depends. But ASK me what words I like, just don’t assume it’s okay.). Role play can be fun but those aren’t roles I’d particularly care for in the realm of sexual activity.

Actually get to know me a little first, and let me get to know you. I can’t promise I’ll remember it all (airhead, spaceshot, clueless have been used to describe my, um, better moments?), but I’ll try. Some of you will turn out to be curiosity seekers — once or twice, and that’s about it. Others will stay, I’m hoping more because they got to know me beyond the images, and enjoy the correspondence part of the After Hours Erotica package.
I appreciate intelligent, fun, flirtatious repartee. I like knowing about your life, where you live, interests, family, that sort of thing.

I consider this a mild form of sex work I’m willing to do for small change. The money gives me the incentive to keep doing it quite frankly, and seeing just how far I’m willing to take it. It’s been mind blowing for me so far, and has pushed me into some interesting head trips. I totally love the cerebral seduction of it all. The payments help with travel, location, equipment, attire, props and time.

I am happy to engage in correspondence with my patrons via my email at or through an occasional direct message on my Instagram. I prefer the email because I find direct messaging rather overwhelming, so if it’s conversation you’re looking for you’re more apt to get it through my email. This is strictly for my consistent, vetted patrons who regularly appreciate my work with the financial incentive. Thank you.