When the Light Dims

This time of year, when the light dims, I tend to also feel my inner light dim. It sometimes can come on without warning, I’m cruising along through the gray days feeling frisky and upbeat, and then out of the blue, the clouds descend. Now this is not some deep despair or despondency per se, but rather more of my baseline melancholia. So I have to really work at keeping my inner light glowing. I find little things help — lighting candles, sipping tea, sitting in a comfortable chair, listening to a comforting podcast, a good book, yes! Always a good book on hand, these things keep my spark from going out. And a daily walk is mandatory. I’m realizing I can also add my writing practice to that list as I’ve truly been enjoying it — both here, and in back and forth notes elsewhere. How about you? What little things do you do when you feel your light dimming?

Author: Dame

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6 thoughts on “When the Light Dims”

  1. Ahhh usually it creeps slowly like the fog, I see it coming and I recognize it, over the years I’ve come to expect it like a cycle also learn to embrace and navigate it, my strength drawn from being a solitary animal. So while here, soft music perhaps a cleaning and downsizing project that I’ve been neglecting, the distraction works well for me

    1. Yes, having a manageable project, however small, tends to get me going. Sometimes I just bake because that seems to always work when I can’t seem to manage anything else.

  2. Similar to you, I enjoy reading, writing, baking, walking, and spending time with friends. This morning I read a beautiful poem by Bukowski entitled “A Trainride in Hell” (1965). I liked it cause similar with your post. In that there’s is this natural dichotomy that exist. A universal law that balances our sorrow and joy. But, this is life. The universal “Trainride in Hell” is what we all experience. Yet, its all perspective, cause we’re our own conductor.

    1. I love this reply, Rudolph. Especially about being our own conductor, and yes I agree with the sentiments expressed. Looking forward to reading that poem and have made a note of it. Thank you

  3. Walks in the beauty of nature are my way to overcome down feelings, of course now I have your pics to take my thoughts in to wonderful heights and dream of what it would be like to see you walking in shear clothing and take my breath away!!! So BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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