Even though I’ve already blown my budget on tea and a sponsor ad today, I’m so tempted to totally wipe myself out and buy a necklace from one of my favorite jewelry artisans, JmebyJaime. She uses a lot of precious gems and stones and the weight of her work is lovely. I bought a couple of her bracelets years ago, and have been wearing them a lot lately.

Thought I’d look her up to see if she’s still out there creating and she is. Check out her amazing sale!


I’ve not had anything in my etsy shop for quite some time but thought I’d give it a go again with my latest idea. I love Persephone books but I’m not about to start a publishing company reprinting some of my favorite OOP (out-of-print in library lingo) books, or just plain favorites from my reading history. But I do love books and I do love tea, both of which I also like to share.

So my etsy shop is now a place where I will sell vintage and thrifted, otherwise homeless books along with some of my favorite teas. The catch is of course, trust. The customer trusting that the book I send they will enjoy because I am covering the books with maps and brochures from my travels. So there will be no conscious choice in this other than that someone decides they need a book and some tea (or perhaps a friend needs it), and I am the book lover to send it, so it is sent. I will also have no idea what book I am sending out to someone.

Why? Sometimes surprises are good. And sometimes what appears to be a surprise at the time may prove to be synchronicity. Like maybe there is a particular book someone is needing to read or reread and through no conscious work on my part or theirs, that is the book that appears in their mailbox. The only choices will be around the tea — and that I’m working on. For now I just have vanilla rooibos. And sometimes I’ll probably include a couple vegan cookies for good measure (I’m having a ball creating recipes for them and sharing the cookies). Just because. It’s kinda fun, you know?

Thelma and Louise

I’m off to the library soon before they close for the holiday. Thelma and Louise have been beckoning to me for quite some time. I need an adventure like theirs minus the problems with the law. I think while I’m at it, it’s also time to pick up Home for the Holidays for my annual viewing.

Why-tos and wherefores…or something like that

Actually, I was just trying to think of a clever name for a post. I haven’t much felt like writing blogs since the laptop crashed, as this computer just has too much stuff on it (and that confuses me, distracts me and so on from my work, more than the usual internet routine). I also don’t like to blog when I’m in pessimist mode.

I’ve been rather gloomy lately, my mood matching the weather. Intended to edit some photos for my etsy shop, but cannot find or open the files on this computer. Just as well because I need to get out while the day is young — scoot to Falmouth and possibly Sandwich for some fresh Thanksgiving veggies.

I haven’t been totally grousing lately — still enjoying books, old movies and developing vegan cookie recipes — low in sugar, high in fiber (trying all kinds of flours but my old unbleached standby). No matter how down I get, I never lose my enthusiasm for simple baking. Maybe it’s because of the yummy reward afterwards? My latest experiments — peanut butter cookies and then gingersnaps yesterday turned out awesome if I do say so myself (Marty, who is Mr. Carnivore himself agrees they are dynamite).

I leave you with my latest polaroid of the Beech Tree, taken this past weekend. It about sums up how I’ve been feeling — bare, exposed, worn.


My laptop crashed on me the other night and I am hoping it’s just the battery. I am one of those foolish people who did not back up her files on a portable hard drive. On the other hand, not having the laptop available forces me to connect with people in real world time and space, and that is always a good thing, though I am enjoying keeping up with some of my new blog friends, and hoping to meet them someday even.

Don’t have an edited photo handy and Marty will need this computer soon, so I’m leaving you with a quote from my Simple Abundance reading from today. It’s one of my favorites and I quote it often:

“Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.” -Jane Howard

Blank –> Tall Skinny Bitter

I had a post in mind earlier this evening on our way back from Roche Brothers but by now I have totally forgotten it. Wish I’d noted it someplace but oh well. My — all of a sudden I realized what it was! My eggnog latte made me think of it! Had stopped at Starbucks earlier to see if they were hiring because I have been bitten by the barista bug. I found the book Tall Skinny Bitter in a coffee shop a couple of weeks ago and love it! It was written by a Northwestern barista, and while they don’t like Starbucks, pickin’s are slim here on Cape Cod, and I just want to learn the trade. It could be fun, it could be hellacious, but I won’t know until I try and it certainly looks fun — and all the people in the book say it is fun, so why not? AJ, the Starbucks barista I’ve known for a few years now, was there tonight, gave me an app, and she said it is a lot of fun, so I’ll see. Granted, most baristas are half my age, but they’ll catch up.

While Amazon’s image was better, Sasquatch Books is the publisher. I’m on my way over to request their catalog.

‘Til Tuesday

Today ended up being a good day after all — yesterday was not — it was just one of those days I was feeling stuck and discouraged. I think talking to my sis-in-law this morning helped a lot. Stay tuned for her blog. She’s a professional organizer but with a twist.

And my sister dropped by some surprise peanut butter cookies along with tonight’s supper. I did some grunt work I needed to get done and here I am, Tuesday afternoon, back from a walk downtown, ready to start fresh tomorrow, and looking forward to tonight’s movie, the original Ladykillers, with Alec Guiness and Peter Sellers. I fell asleep last night!

But before I sign off for today, head on over to Stef’s blog for her giveaway. I love her work and am looking forward to buying some of her photos someday — I saw them at Squam on the blocks she mounts them on and they are awesome!

**image from Movie Diva

Frida’s Fiestas

I’ve been checking out some new blogs this week and am trusting that I stumble back to them if it is meant to be as there was a blogger this past week who mentioned Frida’s Fiestas and I am thankful she did.

I promptly ordered the book from my library and picked it up yesterday. I have spells where I am all about certain countries — India is one, and now Mexico is another. I am biased I suppose, one of my nieces is half Mexican and I enjoyed what I could of Mexican culture when I lived in Southern California in the early 70’s. Still, this book is a treat, reading about a colorful woman artist like Frida in the context of favorite fiesta foods and celebrations even more so.

I want to learn more now, and the thing I love about Mexico is that it’s a lot closer to me than India. Plus I can use my broken high school Spanish if I visit there. A Mondo Beyondo dream would be to live there for say six months and follow the trail of Frida Kahlo for a while. I’m so enamored of her and this book has me dreaming further of how to integrate her into the art, nature and the goddess theme.

Pennies From Heaven and Contemplative Moments

Yesterday I spent about an hour and a half sorting through a gallon jar or so of coins — separating the silver from the pennies. Getting into the rhythm of it was meditative and the time actually flew as I sat there on a cold wooden floor — I would never have been able to sit so long on such a floor without this strangely soothing activity. By the time I was done, my hands were filthy — your mother was right — don’t put money in your mouth! My intention was to take the pennies up to the Coinstar at Shaw’s and learn how that thing works. Crazy as this sounds, dare I say it? It was actually a lot of fun. Something I would have done with my kids when they were younger had there been such a thing.

My arms are actually sore this morning from lugging the bag into the store and waiting for several minutes behind a man doing the same thing I was doing — cashing in pennies. It was his first time too. There we were, Coinstar virgins. Waiting was entertaining — I people watched and watched his pennies tallying on the screen as they went down the chute — I’ve never seen a slot machine except in the movies, but I imagine it’s something like that.

My turn, and it was very easy — the 8 cents on the dollar that Coinstar takes if you go for cash is so worth it — by the time my loot was totalled I had over 3500 pennies! And by the time I was finished there was someone else behind me. The act of gathering pennies though made me realize that the little things can add up, reminding me that no matter how small my steps, how small my days may feel, they are adding up to something bigger and it’s kind of fun watching what it all amounts to.


Last night I decided to head over to the get together at Yummy Goods in West Barnstable to check out what was going on for Melissa’s Handmade for the Holidays event. I needed to get out and am glad I did. I totally enjoyed it…my sister was there and a friend I hadn’t seen in a while showed up. There were lots of knitted donations, lots of knitting going on, plenty of yarn and spare needles, card making supplies and so on so everyone could participate. Checked out all the goodies in Melissa’s shop in between chatting and cider, tea and cookies. She even had door prizes (Amy Karol’s Bend the Rules Sewing was one), and goodie bags for everyone. The next one is Friday November 21 and I already have it marked on my calendar. It can get pretty dreary and isolating here on the cape during the winter and Melissa’s been wanting to start a regular crafting group. She’s off to a good start. Thank you, Betsy (‘lil ‘sis) for letting me know about it, and thank you Melissa and Beth for hosting this!