Sweet Rolls

The wind here doesn’t cooperate with garden plans, but somehow we manage. At least there was sunshine and some warmth this weekend. After Saturday’s gardening, we ordered Chinese for the first time since the  Christmas before the pandemic — what a treat!  — then watched the rest of the Murdoch disc. Sunday morning was quiet and slow. Before heading out to the garden, I listened to classical music while making sweet rolls, this time orange ones, inspired by those from Marian’s Pie Shop down in Chatham. My mum used to love to drive down there for their pastries and they are still as good as ever — they’ve been here for years, one of those rare bakeries that offers truly old-fashioned goods reminiscent of a grandmother’s kitchen. I use my old Betty Crocker cookbook for sweet rolls and stumbled upon a recipe for orange rolls that I’d previously overlooked. Sharing it here. Happy Monday!