Grab Bags

Interested in a bit more risqué in your dress-up play? I’m starting to sort through more boxes of inventory from our shop days — products I think some of you may have fun playing with, perhaps tapping into your naughty wench persona. This is the first lot I’m working through and rather than doing a posted giveaway as I’ve done in the past, I’d rather put together goodie bag assortments of 6-10 pieces for anyone who is interested. We did learn from the last round that postage has increased considerably so if you’re okay paying for some of the postage, then please let me know your interest, along with your address and size. I will then package your goods, and give you an estimate on postage.
Items in this lot feature a lot of Leg Avenue type clubwear/streetwear — lacy, racy thigh highs, garter stockings, and pantyhose (in fishnets, patterns, stripes, and various colors), some black garter boy shorts, pink lace thong/garter belt combo, black lace thong/garter belt combo, assorted leggings from Capri with side buttons to wet look full length lacing up the back of the leg — and let’s not forget a couple of masquerade masks, and several pairs of opera and wrist gloves — in lace, satin, etc (black, white and a light blue pair). Sizing is mostly O/S (one-size) and/or S/M and M/L.
Looking forward to getting this done so I can move on to another lot because I think it’s kinda fun.

Postcards VII

Postcard Series VII releases on Sunday. Upon reflection, I found the last series a bit so-so with too many swimsuit images, so this one will be more in keeping with what I have in mind for the collection. If you’re interested and not vetted yet, it’s a good time to do so. The releases are always limited to 10 patrons and/or 10 days. Also, while I welcome feedback, please keep in mind that approval can be revoked at any time if I cease to feel comfortable with you. Thanks for understanding and thank you for supporting this avocation. As always, a bonus is included for regular patrons with your fourth purchase and subsequent purchases afterwards.

Coulda Woulda Shouldas

The longer I get in the tooth, the more I realize I don’t want to be a “coulda woulda shoulda.” I’ve always believed in “better late than never” though, so trying to to figure out what that looks like for me. Much as it sounds admirable to live and have lived a life with no regrets, I am not sure how many of those folks really exist, I do know that I am not among them. There’s many things I don’t regret, and a few that — eh, if I’m being honest, I do — but as long as I still have breath I want to consider one of my “coulda would shouldas” that can become my “better late than never.” How about you, can one of your “coulda woulda shouldas” become your “better late than never”?

A Boost

Yesterday we got our COVID19 booster shots, and once again I was reminded of how priorities and values have shifted with the pandemic — in this instance, the excitement about getting a shot! The pharmacy was doing a brisk business, and while there were plenty of customers shopping for other reasons, it was heartening to see so many people getting vaccines. You could tell it had already been a very long day for the Nurse Practitioner, with little down time between appointments and walk-ins. As soon as we heard the CDC had expanded the eligibility to include those with mental health diagnoses, including mood disorders and depression, we were on it. So, all set for another 6 months or so. I am wondering if this will be our lives from now on though, as new pandemics and superbugs develop and persist around our planet. It’s a small world, after all.

New Moonth on a Moonday

Nothing like starting fresh with a new month in a new week and on a Monday no less. Today’s All Saint’s Day, tomorrow’s All Souls Day and once again I am reminded of how Christianity co-opted so many wonderful pagan holidays, so it can take some digging to learn more about the roots of these celebrations. It’s lovely to celebrate them regardless, yet I do appreciate being mindful of the different origins of holiday celebrations around the world. A couple of guides whose work I have found insightful on this topic are @jenncampus_author and @teachingwithcorazon Happy November! May it be all you hope it to be.