A Sense of Purpose


I’ve been meaning to get back in the weekly (at the very least) habit of writing on my blog again, partly because I am finding Instagram and its algorithms are not a conducive vehicle for deeper connection. That requires time — analog time — slow time, a slowing down of my time, a slowing down of your time. Social media has a propensity to speed us up rather than slow us down. It’s designed for short quick bursts of momentary engagement. Fine for a brief spell, but not really how I want to live my life. And by that I mean “spend my day,” for as Annie Dillard has written “how we spend our days is how we spend our lives.” I want deeper dialogues, discourses, discussion. I want more intentional connection. I love the luxury of aimless scrolling, don’t get me wrong, it’s how I often tumble down the rabbit hole of exquisite and magical delights, BUT…then it turns in to digital over-saturation, fueling an urgency to participate in it at an ever more breakneck pace. And frankly? I’m not wired for that. Are you? How can my wiring recover from misfiring or have a chance to reboot if I don’t disconnect — from the universal tether that is the worldwide web that ensnares me with wiles, charms, and the promise of always something more. I have to look at it as corporate ownership of my time and headspace. My world shrunk to a tiny screen. Curated. Performative. Without purpose. And I believe we all need a purpose. Writing and sharing is mine.