Lottie Mae’s Speakeasy

Sign-ups will start sometime in April or May — stay tuned.

When signups begin for the speakeasy level there will be a monthly fee, most likely $25.00/month.

Speakeasy: the short of it? An illegal establishment. And I think I will leave it at that.
Lottie Mae Davis was my maternal grandmother who died when my mother was 7, leaving a lasting impression on my mother, and in turn, on me. When I play in the garden, the kitchen, my home, the natural world and in my imagination, I am channeling my grandmother. I consider her one of my muses.

donation-based benefits:
*Essays and reflections on just about anything that lights me up at the moment.
*Recipes, Herbal remedies, Seasonal living
*Weekly list of links to things I fancy — books, movies, music, arts and culture


*Photography including  uncensored erotic art imagery that does not meet Instagram censorship guidelines. NOTE: this means there will be 2-4 uncensored nudes per month. This does not mean every erotic photo will feature total nudity.
*Personal correspondence: if you write to me, I will respond with at least one personal letter to you per month, and I will answer questions that do not feel intrusive. Think of it as pen pals sharing a conversation.
*A monthly special feature

3 thoughts on “Lottie Mae’s Speakeasy”

    1. Yes, it will be but it is still a work in progress, Bill. There will be a monthly subscription fee at that level and I’ve added that information above the description as I do not want to mislead people into believing my uncensored photos will be free. Thank you for reaching out.

    2. Hi Bill,

      We’ve moved the target date to September— it’s becoming a longer work in progress for me. I tend to procrastinate until I have to put the pedal to the metal, and September is when my income drops, giving me the incentive I need

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