Just Another Manic Monday

It’s always somethin’
~Roseanne Rosannadanna

PIMA. Pain in my arse. Figured I’d do my taxes today online like I did last year. Should be simple since my income barely registers on the poverty scale, right? The job I was “let go” from in the fall paid me with a 1099 instead of a W-2 which complicates things slightly. Add to that a couple of small retirement funds I cashed in for living expenses, and blah — yuk!

Finally gave up and have decided to go to the IRS for help doing my taxes this year. After spending most of the morning struggling with two different e-file programs and accomplishing zilch I am a bit grouchy to say the least. Especially when I look up and it’s already 1 bloody o’clock! So much for Mondays and accomplishing anything. I could just sign off now but while I’m on a roll grouching why not continue? (Because I’ll regret it — so I won’t — I’ll get over it).

But it’s now February 1st and the 20th is the deadline for BEAR registrations. Funny thing is, while I love the whole retreat path and would so love for BEAR take off, there’s a part of me that’s okay if it doesn’t. One thing I’ve learned through feedback that I wasn’t sure would be a problem or not (it appears to be) is the shared beds. And that’s okay because I wondered about it myself. But Overbrook’s such a beautiful spot, and while I’ve seen other retreats with shared beds fill up, I also recognize that I am not a known persona yet, a proven “winner”, or whatever you might call it. And I’m okay with that too. Getting to this point where I can share it here is rather liberating. I’m not feeling so self-conscious anymore.

Some things I’ve learned for me:

1. establish a large enough platform for yourself first that can support your endeavor (a dedicated blog following, a book, a reputation so to speak, something that lets people feel like they’re getting to know you and lets you know they are resonating with you) before you start shooting your mouth off

2. try to determine whether you’re the star or supporting cast (I found this out partway into the process — while I loved doing the work of setting everything up, I’d just as soon let someone else have the glory or take the fall (I’ll be there to catch them, I’m strong like that).

3. If it’s an overnight venue, single beds are preferable.

4. Scheduled dates: make sure there’s not another well-established retreat already happening

5. This I’ve said before: putting together a wee retreat like mine was a hell of a lot of work and time — I’ve learned Squam is one of the biggest retreat bargains out there, so if you want the biggest bang for your buck and you’re into restoring your spirit, soothing your soul and mucking it up creatively, then I say: “Get thee to Squam!” Registration begins today.