Missing long early morning walks down to the beach and back, but it’s just been too dang hot lately. Short walks are doable, and even they end with a lot of sweat. Wearing a hat always makes a difference whether hot or cold out, but in this weather the sweatband on my hat merely reminds me of how steamy it is.
I love how hats were routine attire and the finishing touch once upon a time. So tell me — are you a hat person? I wear one pretty much year-round. How about you? Baseball caps don’t count — I’m talking a proper hat!

French Postcards

I’ve sometimes wondered what I’m doing  on Instagram and I’ve realized I like thinking of it as French Postcards. We’ve already sent a few uncensored sets to patrons this week, and have decided that each run will be limited to 10 patrons or two weeks, whichever comes first. The longest each edition will be available for is two weeks. Then they’re  going…going…gone — and it’s on to the next set — kinda like limited edition baseball cards or…French Postcards! See the link above.

Summer’s Flights

Summer is flying by as summer does, and while it feels like my daughter and her beau just landed here; in a too-soon-approaching-tomorrow, they will be on their way again. Such is parenting and life when our nestlings have grown and flown — quite literally. Her sweetheart, @chefsamuelgregory is a French National and it’s difficult and expensive to get a US visa that allows a foreign National to stay in this country beyond 90 days. In the meantime though, we enjoyed an al fresco dinner on the patio the other evening with the full Chef Samuel experience. For me to allow someone else to pretty much navigate my kitchen without me hovering is no small feat, and he was a star. There’s something to be said for a private chef who does it all from shopping to prep to post-meal cleanup. The meal was fresh, simple and delightful — gorgeous heirloom tomatoes and fresh mozzarella drizzled with homemade pesto became un’insalata caprese, a fragrant mouthful of flavor. Samy made one of his favorite dishes for us because after all he is half-Italian and besides his fresh pasta, which we have yet to try, he made — what else but? Pizza!! With flours from Italy transformed into a pillowy yet lightly crisped and chewy crust. The crust was the vehicle for all manner of toppings and we stuck to vegetarian since the chef and his Lady are veggies. There was even gluten free crust and vegan cheese on one of the pies! The others were layered with an assortment of cheeses — mozzarella, fresh Narragansett mozzarella, creamy Vermont goat cheese, Parmesan-reggiano — on a base of either pesto or perfectly seasoned crushed tomato sauce — and scattered with colorful sweet peppers, figs, radicchio, arugula, herbs from the gardens, and more. While the pizza dough rose, the “kids” ducked out for a quick swim and stroll at a favorite nearby beach before returning to assemble and serve dinner. Mealtime was at dusk, a bit later than we’re used to, but it was a splendid evening in the company of some of the people I love best — my dad, Marty, my daughter and her guy, surrounded by what I love best — twilight descending amidst a verdant summer garden filled with trailing sweet peas, herbal scents wafting from window boxes, and grape vines wrapping and twisting through the pergola, threatening to embrace us all in the glory of one sweet summer evening in the waning days of summer.


Yesterday I was wiped out from allergies and a full evening the night before, so it was a day I spent drowsing over another book by Tracey Chevalier called “The Virgin Blue.” Do you ever find yourself continuing to read a book because you like the storyline and want to learn more, yet you don’t care for the protagonist(s)? I’m not sure how I feel about the 16th century female character but her twentieth century counterpart is really bugging me. She’s an American recently relocated to France who’s trying too hard to fit in. Sometimes you just have to accept that you are a naive and annoying American and be done with it.

A Shakespearean Tragedy

It’s come to my attention that my memory of Shakespeare is a bit rusty. I’ve had some correspondence and comments using Shakespearean “nuances” involving me and when I’ve taken offense, I was directed back to my posts where I indicated an appreciation for Shakespeare’s double entendres.
Hence my apology, because while I do appreciate them, my memory of some of those colloquialisms has been selective. I’ve realized I’d just as soon skip over many of the Bard’s references to female body parts and other innuendo, and I have revised my earlier posts to reflect that. I do still admire his use of the word “codpiece,” but I prefer not to be a character in one of his ribald adventures.
All this being said, I’m delighted that many men are actually reading my writing and I am thanking you all for that. I’m also thanking you for the reminder that I really do need to revisit my Shakespeare if I’m going to be referencing him in any way. But alas, my brushing up on Shakespeare will most likely be on the other side of never.

That Time of Year

No, not the dog days of summer…it’s time for pre-season FOOTBALL! Last night was the first game — Patriots and Washington in this household. It was a late night for me ignoring the game and now I’m off to work for the day. Not so bad since it’s cooler there than at home. Again, keep cool and stay hydrated. Hope your weekend brings just what you need.

R & R

Today is an R and R — recovering after yesterday’s massive shop at Trader Joe’s, and resting in an ice bath to stay cool. Heatwaves are here to stay and I am not a fan — stay cool, eat ice pops and drink plenty of fluids!

Red Zone

Yeah, been back in the red zone for a week or more and doesn’t look like it’s letting up. Most likely our governor is waiting until after the tourist season (which has probably contributed to our local spike since over 75% of the county’s eligible residents are vaccinated) to announce restrictions yet again. Time will tell.

In the meantime, I’m glad it’s not a polio or smallpox epidemic as I imagine those diseases would still be mutating happily today given the public’s resistance to vaccines nowadays. If only they had the same resistance to misinformation. But you know, the death of critical thinking and actually doing some proper digging to fact check, right? Oy, too much BORING research work and READING more than a headline or two sentences, right? Yeah.

Vitiligo, depression, anxiety — I’ve already got a good mix — and only one of them can be deadly untreated — but fortunately they’re not highly contagious to my fellow humans if I choose not to treat them. And at the close of my little rant here, it was dang steamy walking to the library last evening to grab a few more DVDs. We’re taking advantage of the library’s expanded hours although they’re still not open for sit-down-and-stay-awhile use. This morning I’m off to Trader’s for what may become a bi-monthly stock up — because who knows if whether or not we’ll be regressing into another round of the “quarantine” lifestyle. That’s my rant and I’m sticking to it.

On the Small Screen

Hoping to have a few DVDs waiting at the library for us today. I love a lot of the shows on @acorn_tv but “Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries” after “Mystery Road“ probably isn’t the best “next thing to watch” — it’s light and fluffy, fun and far-fetched, fine for when you aren’t into something that requires rapt attention — something to have on while dreaming of other shows to watch, and reminding oneself to get the series with her Aunt Phryne in it instead. Still, I am loving the telly we’ve been watching filmed from Down Under, and for now Ms. Fisher, who reminds me of Marlo Thomas’s “That Girl” on steroids solving murder mysteries will have to do.