Inclement Weather Walking

I used to work as a job coach in my early 40’s and in some instances, clients began work before stores opened for business. This was how I learned there was such a thing as mall walking — mostly among the “active older adult” and “retiree” communities. I used to joke with friends, “Shoot me if I ever turn into a mall walker.” Fast forward a handful of years and Snowmageddon hits, and what with Southern New Englanders having no clue how to properly drive in or plow snow, I was stir crazy from lack of exercise, and there I was — doing what else? Mall walking! Granted it was temporary due to weather and miserable walking conditions, and we used to do laps around the rest of the gang, and I despise malls and shopping but it served its purpose, and some of the regulars were really quite sweet, just trying to enjoy some camaraderie and beat the clock that is our aging bodies.

Author: Dame

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