What Do Sheer Curtains Have in Common with my Red Caftan?

I’m wearing a sheer red caftan with nothing on underneath in photos featured previously here and on Instagram. There are hints of what lies beneath. But per social media guidelines, the photos are cropped, shot from a discreet angle, or fabric is gathered just so. Now imagine none of that. I’ve always responded best to suggestion rather than graphic depiction, hence my fascination with and love of pre-Code Hollywood, Hitchcock’s films and so on. Don’t spell out the gore for me, and only hint at the romantic encounter. Like they say, the brain is the best sex organ. Some folks, like me, prefer something left to the imagination for their own imaginative conjuring. I respect that, but for those who are perhaps too tired after a long day’s work to be bothered with imagining, there’s the alternative — Series III features me wearing the sheer red caftan but will leave little to the imagination. So what’s it gonna be?

As with previous series, each run is ten patrons or two weeks, whichever comes first. Series I lasted the two weeks, Series II lasted six days. Before I sell to anyone, they must be fully vetted and approved. There’s a link in my profile that explains this. Go to my blog, select French Postcards from the menu, and read. Then email me at the email listed. You can get vetted at any time. I recommend doing so before a series posts, as by the time I can get to confirmation it may be too late.

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