Falling into Autumn

And snap, just like that, another season has flown by here in the Northern hemisphere and now we are falling into one of my favorite times of the year, Autumn — when the light shifts and shimmies, shivers and plays tricks with imagination, the veil thins, spirits revive, and for those of us tapped into it, personal mystical power reawakens from its sultry summer slumber. Mabon/Mea’n Fo’mhair arrives for 2021. Yes! It must be the Season of the Witch.

Author: Dame

an evolving story, wanting to live a slower life right here and now...reconnections, new connections, and now connections are my passion...phone calls, tea dates and letters preferred over emails...

4 thoughts on “Falling into Autumn”

  1. Hi Terry,
    Sorry I missed your two previous comments here. They sometimes get buried with all the spam. There is a link in the navigation bar at the top of my blog home page that lists all of my criteria — given the nature of the photographs I hold firm to the requirements. Thank you for your interest, and in six months time, please feel free to check in again

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