Advanced Style

Checking out Upper Case Magazine a little more thoroughly today, I discovered a link to Advanced Style and am hooked. It’s about time!

Occasionally the Sartorialist has a cool older person who’s fashion sense inspires me, but Advanced Style focuses on just that! It’s the Sartorialist for those of us not wanting to cave to that conservative elder look so many retirees here on the Cape tend to adopt — the same short gray haircut (with all the hairdressers on the cape, how do they all manage to find the same one?), possibly the same perm, the jeans and sweatshirt, just plain old suburban boring. Well, not me, when I go out and when I’m going downhill, (if that ever be the case), I’m doing it with style! Comfy style, but style nonetheless! RRRROWWRR!

image from Ari Seth Cohen’s blog, Advanced Style

Author: Dame

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