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Been more offline these days than online — my eyes were getting a bit buggy as I was getting too deep in a virtual world again. I crave strong, visceral, real time connection and it is just so damn hard to find these days. I don’t take it personally — I just realize many people are not in the same place I am and aren’t yet ready to make real time connection with people a priority. This is not a criticism either. I haven’t had a steady job for about a year now and when I did it was not pleasant (a synchronistic, supportive boss is huge in the world of work). Work or kids in school or church and so on all provide a social structure in which we can get our people fix. Take away that structure though…and we struggle to find (or create) connection. I haven’t given up on trying to create connection. I’ve been deep in Po Bronson’s book What Should I Do with My Life? and Carol Lloyd’s book Creating a Life Worth Living.

I’ve also gone back to a project I had started before my retreat adventures. It’s a Cape Cod Survival Guide I had started writing — it’s for when the bridge isn’t an option. Many people totally get where I’m coming from with this book as they have experienced the same frustrations living here that I have. Especially, after living in a more open-minded, progressive place (for me Vermont, for someone else Brooklyn, Portland or California, and so on) that can crack the word possibility wide open for those of us who are seekers. I suppose this has nothing to do with the video I’m sharing here today (or perhaps it does, I’m just too lazy to make the connection at the minute). It’s via Laura via Marlene and I love it. As a scribe with an editor’s keen eye, I noticed the typo right away, but I couldn’t let that oversight stop me from sharing the work here.

And besides, isn’t there some sort of philosophy that sports the notion that in every creation there should be one thing slightly wrong or off? So that it’s not perfectly perfect in every way?
Unlike Mary Poppins.

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4 thoughts on “Searching and Sharing”

  1. I struggle with finding artists who have a similar approach to art and living creatively in real life and I haven’t yet figured it out. Here’s to good, creative, supportive, open real-life connections! ♥

  2. Funny, my son went to Holderness, this is week one of their Spring art outback break…by the way – halfway
    is probably South Shore Mall…..
    you will know what I mean.


  3. What a sweet video! It makes me miss working with kids and making art. You’re right to spend some time away from the online megaverse.

    Thanks for making my blog one that you continue to visit! Luckily sharing about the work on our home only forces us to go make things in the “real” world.

    And a home in the bay area? Well, #1 it was a foreclosure that had sat empty for over a year. #2 man, it was NASTY when we got it. It’s been a lot of loving and hardwork to make it something that looks like a happy place!

    Have a great week!

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