My friend’s been after me for a while to join her in a couple of dance classes at the local Senior Center and I finally went yesterday. It was so much fun, good to move, with lots of sweat and I was in front of the fan for goodness sake! The teacher had a great playlist from soul, blues, jazz, rock, disco and more.  One of my favorites, was written for a German Threepenny Opera in 1928 by Bertoldt Brecht, Marc Blitzstein and Kurt Weill. The era fascinates me for many reasons as does the story, and there have been many versions — Sonny Rollins, Bobby Darin, Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald (whose live version won a Grammy award) — of the tune amongst several artists. You might know the song as “Mack the Knife.”
“Now Jenny Diver, ho, ho, yeah, Sukey Tawdry
Ooh, Miss Lotte Lenya and old Lucy Brown
Oh, the line forms on the right, babe
Now that Macky’s back in town”

Inclement Weather Walking

I used to work as a job coach in my early 40’s and in some instances, clients began work before stores opened for business. This was how I learned there was such a thing as mall walking — mostly among the “active older adult” and “retiree” communities. I used to joke with friends, “Shoot me if I ever turn into a mall walker.” Fast forward a handful of years and Snowmageddon hits, and what with Southern New Englanders having no clue how to properly drive in or plow snow, I was stir crazy from lack of exercise, and there I was — doing what else? Mall walking! Granted it was temporary due to weather and miserable walking conditions, and we used to do laps around the rest of the gang, and I despise malls and shopping but it served its purpose, and some of the regulars were really quite sweet, just trying to enjoy some camaraderie and beat the clock that is our aging bodies.

Just a Quote

Just a quote from one of my latest reads. The book 300 Arguments, by Sarah Manguso, had several good ones, and while I’ll be returning it to the library, it’s one of those books that I may have to purchase, her musings are that good, as far as I’m concerned. So today I leave you with one:
“Talking with someone who reveals nothing, I hear myself madly filling the emptiness with information about myself.” Can totally relate to that, how about you?

Shakespeare, Swords, Fruits, Jewels and Codpieces

Once I recovered from my initial indignation after I realized my memory lapse regarding Shakespearean sexual slang and repartee, I started thinking about how my error inspired some rather sweet erotic writing. Like all writing there’s good and bad, but Shakespeare’s sauciness really does lend itself rather well to the genre, and I may have to reconsider. I’ve always wanted to have a radio show and with the advent and ease of podcasts, it could be rather fun to offer an erotic story hour subscription, reading contributions sent in by listeners. Just a little Monday morning brainstorming.

Itsy Bitsy Spider

For some reason I’ve always sung the song as “Insy Binsy” Spider rather than “Itsy Bitsy,” perhaps just because I have a tendency to mangle song lyrics, even those of nursery songs. At any rate, I am one of those people who doesn’t kill insects indiscriminately — especially spiders. I will pick them up however I can and put them outside. With an old house and gardens, we have resident spiders with the beautiful webs they spin — those that are in windows or outside glisten and sparkle with morning dew, and sunlight highlights the intricacy of the lacy weave. When they are woven in inconvenient places, the latest one being across the top of the garden gate, I do try to be careful not to wreck the spider’s work too much, and at the same time also find myself apologizing to the spider in case I do. Anyone else engage with the creatures of the natural world like this?


Missing long early morning walks down to the beach and back, but it’s just been too dang hot lately. Short walks are doable, and even they end with a lot of sweat. Wearing a hat always makes a difference whether hot or cold out, but in this weather the sweatband on my hat merely reminds me of how steamy it is.
I love how hats were routine attire and the finishing touch once upon a time. So tell me — are you a hat person? I wear one pretty much year-round. How about you? Baseball caps don’t count — I’m talking a proper hat!

French Postcards

I’ve sometimes wondered what I’m doing  on Instagram and I’ve realized I like thinking of it as French Postcards. We’ve already sent a few uncensored sets to patrons this week, and have decided that each run will be limited to 10 patrons or two weeks, whichever comes first. The longest each edition will be available for is two weeks. Then they’re  going…going…gone — and it’s on to the next set — kinda like limited edition baseball cards or…French Postcards! See the link above.


Yesterday I was wiped out from allergies and a full evening the night before, so it was a day I spent drowsing over another book by Tracey Chevalier called “The Virgin Blue.” Do you ever find yourself continuing to read a book because you like the storyline and want to learn more, yet you don’t care for the protagonist(s)? I’m not sure how I feel about the 16th century female character but her twentieth century counterpart is really bugging me. She’s an American recently relocated to France who’s trying too hard to fit in. Sometimes you just have to accept that you are a naive and annoying American and be done with it.

A Shakespearean Tragedy

It’s come to my attention that my memory of Shakespeare is a bit rusty. I’ve had some correspondence and comments using Shakespearean “nuances” involving me and when I’ve taken offense, I was directed back to my posts where I indicated an appreciation for Shakespeare’s double entendres.
Hence my apology, because while I do appreciate them, my memory of some of those colloquialisms has been selective. I’ve realized I’d just as soon skip over many of the Bard’s references to female body parts and other innuendo, and I have revised my earlier posts to reflect that. I do still admire his use of the word “codpiece,” but I prefer not to be a character in one of his ribald adventures.
All this being said, I’m delighted that many men are actually reading my writing and I am thanking you all for that. I’m also thanking you for the reminder that I really do need to revisit my Shakespeare if I’m going to be referencing him in any way. But alas, my brushing up on Shakespeare will most likely be on the other side of never.

That Time of Year

No, not the dog days of summer…it’s time for pre-season FOOTBALL! Last night was the first game — Patriots and Washington in this household. It was a late night for me ignoring the game and now I’m off to work for the day. Not so bad since it’s cooler there than at home. Again, keep cool and stay hydrated. Hope your weekend brings just what you need.