Breakfast with Diddy-Bop

Off  for our monthly breakfast with Diddy-Bop, aka Dad, bright and early this morning. I never know what to expect with the windshield when he’s driving. Will it be covered in frost or dew with barely a sliver of glass cleared to see through as we charge eastward on 28 into the blinding glare of the morning sunrise?  We shall >not necessarily< see. 😳 Stay tuned.


Author: Dame

an evolving story, wanting to live a slower life right here and now...reconnections, new connections, and now connections are my calls, tea dates and letters preferred over emails...

6 thoughts on “Breakfast with Diddy-Bop”

  1. You are my beautiful heart throb! I wish I could just talk to you and hear the voice and feel the spirit of the beautiful inside and out woman that you are!! What a joy it must be for those who know you!!!! Keep posting, please, I so enjoy your pics!! ❤️❤️

    1. I grew up writing letters, and while I love them, I don’t give out my mailing address to virtual strangers. I am beginning to enjoy a bit more engaging here on my blog though, so feel free to write to me here. While a blog isn’t quite the same as “real” life, I do find it feels more personal and less public than social media, and I love a good conversation. Enjoy your day, Rudolph.

  2. With temps below freezing plus adding the wind chill, I would say definitely frost, also be wary of black ice. Coffee should taste especially good this morning, enjoy your company and breakfast.

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