Adventure Awaits

Anticipating an upcoming getaway is always a pleasure, and next week’s is no exception. Now that I’ve realized the benefits of DIY “cryotherapy,”  I’m looking forward to more outdoor shoots, in secluded places of course, and much as I love that fur coat for a cover, it’s still helpful to have a lookout when I’m beyond my own back yard. @thefoundfashion @maymayxox ? Either of you interested in some outdoor adventures?

Author: Dame

an evolving story, wanting to live a slower life right here and now...reconnections, new connections, and now connections are my calls, tea dates and letters preferred over emails...

2 thoughts on “Adventure Awaits”

  1. Being a model I can guess the excitement that anticipation brings leading into a new project. Seclusion adds another layer of un inhibited expression. Looking forward to your next campaign.

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