Here I am, on the eve of Solstice, the tree’s been on all day, my shift was canceled and I’m home listening to ESPN’s “Around the Horn.”
Watching my daughter make several trips into the kitchen for warm Mexican Weddingcakes (my niece’s father is Mexican) aka Russian teacakes (my son’s girlfriend is Russian) aka nut balls (the rest of us).

On the phone earlier confirming one of the teachers for the November 2010 BEAR. That’s right — November already! I haven’t posted much about my process in manifesting this retreat experience, partly because my laptop crashed and this wee notebook Marty got me for Christmas to replace it is taking some getting used to.

But one thing I learned in the process of organizing the March 2010 retreat is: line up your people early! I am blessed this go round as everyone fell into sync with it as I am sure they were meant to. The retreat site has been secured, I had one/half a teacher for several weeks and then all of a sudden within the space of days, I had four more and they’re perfect. The chef soon followed (an art school dropout wanting to return to her tribe).

I am enjoying the back and forth with everyone and am looking forward to introducing them (or asking other bloggers to introduce them). I have the registration and info drafted and the instructors are crafting their classes. In the meantime some basic info:

The Name: BEAR Spring 2010 — Bay End Art Retreat
Where: Overbrook House, Buzzards Bay MA
When: Thursday March 25 – Sunday March 28, 2010
Number Participants: approximately 20

The theme: Art, Nature and the Goddess

The structure: 4 teachers each doing 2 (different) three-hour workshops apiece, 10 students per workshops

The teachers:

Laura Gaffke

Diane Hanna

Stephanie Anderson Ladd

There are one or two more teachers in the works. Come explore your divine goddess nature through art, nature, movement and more in a beautiful natural setting, sharing and enjoying the process with other women.

** image from American Bear

‘Til Tuesday

Today ended up being a good day after all — yesterday was not — it was just one of those days I was feeling stuck and discouraged. I think talking to my sis-in-law this morning helped a lot. Stay tuned for her blog. She’s a professional organizer but with a twist.

And my sister dropped by some surprise peanut butter cookies along with tonight’s supper. I did some grunt work I needed to get done and here I am, Tuesday afternoon, back from a walk downtown, ready to start fresh tomorrow, and looking forward to tonight’s movie, the original Ladykillers, with Alec Guiness and Peter Sellers. I fell asleep last night!

But before I sign off for today, head on over to Stef’s blog for her giveaway. I love her work and am looking forward to buying some of her photos someday — I saw them at Squam on the blocks she mounts them on and they are awesome!

**image from Movie Diva


Today at work my 90 year old client told me she’s ready, she’s tired, she feels her time is near. She said she’s lived a full life, that she’s told her daughter not to be surprised. I found it reassuring to hear, it made me less afraid and more hopeful where death is concerned. When it’s timely — if there is such a thing as a timely death.

Send Love

I tried posting a comment at Melissa’s blog but couldn’t — my sister Betsy called me yesterday with the news and my heart stopped — please anyone reading this send Melissa, her parents, Tony and Linda, and anyone else in their circle prayers, light, love and all the strength and beauty you can — they need it so badly after their recent loss. Thank you.